It’s hard to find the right antibody. We know. We’ve been there.

So we spent three years building a machine learning platform to decode comprehensive open- and closed-access datasets, display published figures with no commercial bias, and let you search by experimental variables.

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Save time by scanning the literature in minutes, not days

See published figures from more than 21 million open- and closed-access papers, including journals from Springer Nature and Wiley.

Reduce uncertainty with unbiased data for your specific experiments

Search by protein target and filter by application and 16 other options, using machine learning technology endorsed by Google’s Gradient Ventures.

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The interface

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In partnership with the world's leading scientific publishers

Proudly funded by F-Prime and Gradient Ventures, Google’s AI fund


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We don't charge academic and nonprofit researchers to access BenchSci. We do charge industry researchers.

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