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Researchers rely on data in published papers to select reagents. But even the largest reagent suppliers struggle to provide it for their products.

BenchSci solves this by using AI to augment your catalog. We decode product data in over 10.8 million scientific papers, make it searchable by experimental context, and show published figures of product usage. This helps researchers find and order your products faster, with confidence.

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Get more reach and revenue with less time and hassle

Focus on science and product quality. Let our comprehensive search platform drive discovery of your products, and the published data we display enhance your reputation. Just send your catalog and fulfill your orders.

Gain unique insights for product development and marketing

Every BenchSci supplier gets access to searchable data on over 22.3 million reagent products. See how your products compare, and gain competitive intelligence to further develop your niche.

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Reduce administrative burden

Spend too much time addressing technical issues? We provide data and support to help researchers select the most appropriate reagents. This reduces undocumented product use that requires your team to support.

Reach scientists in 15 of the top 20 global pharmaceutical companies and more than 4,300 academic institutions

In partnership with the world's leading scientific publishers

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