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Don’t Let Antibodies Slow Down Your Drug Discovery Process

Target research and drug development relies on antibodies. Yet the standard process for selecting suitable antibodies is far from efficient.

To address this, we built a machine learning platform to find antibody usages in the literature. Filter published figures by experimental contexts, and find the best antibodies with no commercial bias.


Save time by reviewing only the most relevant data from the literature

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Save Time by Reviewing Only the Most Relevant Data from the Literature

Search by protein target and filter by technique and 19 other options, using machine learning technology endorsed by Google’s AI fund, Gradient Ventures.

Reduce uncertainty with antibody comparisons across the literature

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Reduce Uncertainty with Antibody Comparisons Across the Literature

Compare antibody usage across 10.8 million open- and closed-access papers, including journals from Springer Nature and Wiley.

Find and purchase antibodies from the world’s largest antibody database

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Find Antibodies from the World’s Largest Antibody Database

More than 6 million products from 200 vendor catalogs

Join Scientists at 15 of the Top 20 Global Pharmaceutical Companies for Fast, Comprehensive, Secure Antibody Research

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